Design Your Own Custom Door Or Windows

Do you need a new door or windows but isn’t completely sure what style will look best on your home?

Great news! We have partnered with ProVia to bring you the latest online customizing software for door and windows. Now, you can take the guess work out of purchasing by visualizing how each door or window will look on your home through our software.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go take a picture of your home. Position yourself directly in front of the property. Try not to take a perspective or angular picture.

Note: You may also select one our sample homes and choose the doors and windows to get a general idea of how it looks as well.

2. Launch the Visualizer application, then choose “Upload your own home”. Then, click on the “Select an Image…” area to upload your picture. Click “Start”.

3. Under the “Draw” feature, click and draw a measuring line from one corner of your door/window to the other corner to let the app know the scale. Input the length of the line you just drew and click “Continue”.

4. Next, choose whether it’s a door or window. Then click to draw a line to “mask” the area of your door/window. Click “Done”. Repeat if you are doing more than one door/window.

5. Click on “Design”. Select your door/window, then follow the instructions on how to select the type, style, and material of your door/window. Done.

Once you’re satisfied with a product selection, email or call us with your product descriptions to receive a quote. Done.


Customize It Now!

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